About Alakh Yog School in Rishikesh

The word ‘Alakh’ is thousand years old term, used by ancient sadhu’s and sages to describe that which can’t be written, discussed or expressed. That which is beyond all explanations and understanding as well as which is beyond both gross and subtle yet holding both of them. AlakhYog foundation is a group of individuals with whom existence have shared her inner secrets. Hailed from different background, parts and cultures, they are defying norms and following their own inner voice having privilege of sharing their journey together, as friends and now, they want to share what they have been blessed with.

Our Vision and Approach

Sadhana of Ownership

In today’s era, we are highly equipped with technology and it has become very easy to come up with a question and look for an answer on ‘Google’ or read any available material like books journals etc. instead of looking for an answer within. Extensive information is available for thousands of seekers and as a ‘human-mind’, in the name of spiritual practices, they tend to manifest their own imaginations, make ideologies about the term ‘spiritualism’. People become trapped in their own thoughts and imaginations, Hence, the illusions come and the real message remains blurred Spiritualism is not an ‘ism’ to follow with, rather it’s an understanding of life which comes every moment by living with the self and remembering our connection with the mother nature. Somehow, we have forgotten that we are not separate from this existence and one with it. A Sadhak becomes a follower of others’ thoughts and imaginations instead of looking within and taking responsibility of his own actions and understanding. AlakhYog believes in individuality of a seeker in all walks of life including in his spiritual journey. AlakhYog is providing an opportunity for seekers of truth to live and grow deeper with self.

Dhyan Mandir Alakh Yog

Sattvik Environment

The more sattvik the environment is, more compatible it becomes for holistic well being and sustainability.
For balanced-living and a holistic approach towards life, the significance of ‘Sattvik Environment’ cannot be over-looked. We, at AlakhYog promises to give you a surrounding which is mindful, disciplined, and spiritual in living. It is very important to rightly choose your surroundings (specially for a sadhak) as physical elements like air, weather, pollution, unhygienic or congested living materials, emits frequencies that may affect us directly and block our spiritual growth gradually.
To nurture your compassion, contentment and selflessness, AlakhYog, welcomes you to the satvik environment for Yoga Teacher Training Course where together we all attain the state of blissfulness (Sat-Chitt-Anand).

Athiti Devo Bhava

Which means, “Our guests are like God to us” An immensely remarkable culture where guests are considered and treated as God. AlakhYog firmly believes in following thousand of years’ old Indian philosophy and seeing divinity in all human beings, which has already become a part of their life-style. Now, the focus is on sharing the same cultural values and humbleness with our students by teaching and training them in utmost friendly and caring environment with full support and care. We personally involves in giving full support to have the best Yogic training of students.

Yoga In India
Yoga In Rishikesh

Traditional Approach

“Old is gold”, Just as tree’s strength remains in its root the most, likewise; our roots are our strength. We believe in a healthy and strengthened approach of training in all walks of life however our base is of traditional Indian approach. We understand that humanity is much evolved and modernized in present timeline but their inner being needs are still same and universal by nature as they were ever before. Hence, the therapies, discipline, patterns and knowledge is used as ever suggested by our Indian Ancestors but simultaneously, it is a beautiful blend of our own new experiences and understanding to make it best for enormous growth of our students.

Our Programs

200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Dates and Fees

MonthPeriodCourse Fees
December 20181st December – 24th DecemberFrom 1000 EUR
January 20195th January – 30th JanuaryFrom 1000 EUR
February 20193rd February – 28th FebruaryFrom 1000 EUR
March 20193rd March – 28th MarchFrom 1000 EUR
April 20193rd April – 28th AprilFrom 1000 EUR
May 20193rd May – 28th MayFrom 1000 EUR
June 20193rd June – 28th JuneFrom 1000 EUR
July 20193rd July – 28th JulyFrom 1000 EUR
August 20193rd August – 28th AugustFrom 1000 EUR
September 20193rd September – 28th SeptemberFrom 1000 EUR
October 20193rd October – 28th OctoberFrom 1000 EUR
November 20193rd November – 28th NovemberFrom 1000 EUR
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Body Detox With Naturopathy Retreat in India

Dates and Fees

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MonthPeriodApply Now
March 201903/03/2019 – 15/03/2019From 550 EUR
April 201907/04/2019 – 19/04/2019From 550 EUR
May 201905/05/2019 – 17/05/2019From 550 EUR
June 201902/06/2019 – 14/06/2019From 550 EUR
July 201907/07/2019 – 19/07/2019From 550 EUR
August 201904/08/2019 – 16/08/2019From 550 EUR
September 201901/09/2019 – 13/09/2019From 550 EUR
October 201906/10/2019 – 18/10/2019From 550 EUR
November 201903/11/2019 – 15/11/201From 550 EUR

Our Meditation Programs

Silent Meditation Retreats in Manali 

Come hug your life by attending 10, 20 or 40 days silence retreat in Manali, North India. Spend enough time and space with yourself and BE A LIFE with nature, walk in the mountains, swim in the river and play with soil in the fields.

Our Testimonials