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We believe that learning the right techniques is essential. Therefore we teach classic Hatha Yoga and different yogic breathing and meditation techniques (including powerful sufi meditation techniques) with thousands of years of tradition in India. We believe in giving you a rainbow bouquet of methods to be unfolded in your own individual creative way.
The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated. Yet there is a multitude of philosophical ideas developed by looking into the deeper dimensions of the body, mind and spirit.
As we put a seed in the ground and water it, in its own time a tree will grow and from the tree we will receive the fruits. In the same way whenever we invite yoga into our life and integrate it fully into our day to day actions and thoughts, our being starts growing like a tree: with firm roots into the earth and a flowering into the sky. Our life becomes a real yogic life in the the flower of love and meditation.
AlakhYog, follows a wholesome approach towards its students, of not only teaching them Yoga and to make them a Yoga Teacher but also to give them a spiritually intoxicated month of life changing experiences, by living among the people who have not only learned Yoga but have also gone beyond it. We invite you to enrol yourself into a new way of living life and become a Yoga Teacher by attending our 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Program with us

Our Course Covers

Shat Karma
Yoga Asana
Anatomy and Physiology
Basics of Naturopathy
Alakhyog Breathing Kriyas
Yog Nidra
Sufi Meditation techniques

Experience Sharing

Our Teachers