About AlakhYog

About AlakhYog

The word ‘Alakh’ is thousand years old term, used by ancient sadhu’s and sages to describe that which can’t be written, discussed or expressed. That which is beyond all explanations and understanding as well as which is beyond both Gross and Subtle yet holding both of them.

AlakhYog foundation is a group of individuals with whom existence have shared her inner secrets. Hailed from different background, parts and cultures, they are defying norms and following their own inner voice having privilege of sharing their journey together, as friends and now, they want to share what they have been blessed with.



Today, people approach him for astrology, yog and naturopathy. Not only his advises as a doctor of naturopathy benefits people but his remedies as an astrologer has also led people live life more peacefully and happily.

Experience Sharing

Words from Students heart

After researching many YTTs in Rishikesh, I’m so elated to have found Alakhyog. From my very first email, any hesitations or questions I had were addressed in a supportive manner; Girish and Hari were great with ensuring I was prepared for my journey to India. Upon arrival, I was greeted immediately, and made to feel like I was at home at Avdhoot Ashram. The program was laid out in such a manner that allowed students to immerse themselves in all aspects of Yoga, while also allowing ample time for self-exploration. All teachers were extremely supportive and thrived on setting us up for success; further, they ensured we always had everything we needed to feel comfortable and confident. I came with the intentions of becoming a Yoga Asana instructor, and left with so much more. I couldn’t have asked for a better support team cheering me on and guiding me in this journey of self-discovery."


"The teacher training course gave so much information on different aspects surrounding the practice of yoga. How all of the different elements (or ‘Limbs’ of yoga) are equally important and combine to achieve overall well-being. We learnt different practices for bringing the body and the mind together in a harmonious way. It was great to be there in a supportive environment and gain so much extra information that now I will be able to share in the future. We practiced a variety of meditation techniques, pranayamas and asanas every day and all were explained well so we knew their impact on the body and mind, how to use and teach them effectively with variations for different abilities. The teachers know many other therapies and techniques they shared with us to help remove emotional blockages that you can use yourself afterwards. During the course, I think all of us experienced some physical and emotional cleansing."

Kim Day

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