Hari Ji Words


harijiWords from Hari Kishan, Cheif Mentor and Spiritual Guide at AlakhYog Foundation

Dear seekers

AlakhYog Foundation, India welcomes you all to the Indian soil, the land of thousand years of history, where countless yogis, sadhus and mystics have worked on raising human consciousness to its highest order possible. This land has a privelege of seeing the flowering of thousands and thousands of human beings into a divine menifestation itself. It covers golden history of working on all possible dimensions of spiritual awakening and elevation human awareness and conciousness from one diemension of ‘mooladhara’ to the highest dimension as ‘shasrara’

It would not be an exaggerated statement, if we say that Yog is about the learning art of inner wisdom, meditation, love and peace.

‘Yog’ is one the dimension of life, on which, Indian yogis have worked upon and scripted thousand of books in unknown period of time. Yog is a way of living a life. Living a life with such utmost purity and oneness that atleast once in a life, every individual should taste the bliss of ‘Samadhi’.

It is pertinent to note that the real word in Hindi language is ‘Yog’ and not ‘Yoga’, which in Sanskrit language due to grammatical usage sounds like ‘Yogh’. In ancient Indian territory, Yog had always been developed and conveyed as a science of living a healthy, complete, emotionally and spiritually enriched life.

Imprint of yogic life and wisdom is in the blood & bones of routine living and dying of people of this sub-continent. But by the passing of time, the meaning and order of this huge and vast science has been distorted and transmuted. In this regard, we would not hesitate in saying that the new world has undertaken the meaning of ‘Yog’ as physical gymnastics only, in the form of ‘Asanas’.

At AlakhYog, we share the knowledge of Yog and its related concept & theories in the most simplistic and practical approach, which are meaningful for beginners as well as for advanced yogis.

We welcome all our readers and students for our Yoga retreats and 200 hrs programme of Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh and Goa.