The Director of AlakhYog

Hari, the director of AlakhYog, had an idea of making AlakhYog as a platform for those who are seekers of life and wisdom. His approach is to share with people what amount of knowledge and gift he has.

He is a free-spirited person who was leading a life of a commoner in the streets of Amritsar, Punjab until one day when he discovered what he really want to do in life, to serve mankind.

He is a born seeker, and took birth in a family where fitness was a ‘must’. Learned basic knowledge of life as a meditation from his own grandfather as his master and left his well done business later in his early youth, in search of his inner wisdom & truth.

He was into Yog, physical exercises, body fitness since his childhood where he learnt different breathing techniques as well. His connection with Mother Nature and Yog is ultimate, as he sees every cure in it.

He has spent many years doing silence retreats. During this phase of life he unfolded many mysteries of life which inspired him to share his part of experience with others too.

He is committed in offering nature cure and yoga workshops in India, incorporating the unique combination of nature cure with his own breathing techniques and traditional hatha yoga i.e. asana, pranayama, cleansing kriyas, mudras and bandhas. He calls this style of teaching as Natural Elemental Yoga.

Hari has been a highly acknowledged teacher since 2009, who is distinctively knowledgeable and inspiring. He is offering classes and workshops to international students in Rishikesh, Manali, Goa and Dharamshala. He is famous for his capability to facilitate his students or teachers in order to personify their spiritual growth and practice in Yog.

Hari Kishan (Alakh)

The Director of AlakhYog

Anantbodh Chaitanya’s passion for ancient wisdoms and modern science brought together one message for modern man – live, move and act in Self (Spiritual Excellence) and manifest personal, professional, as well as social excellence. His simple, logical, intuitive interpretation of ancient wisdoms supported by fundamental understanding of modern science is aimed at Health, Harmony and Happiness; Peace, Prosperity and Success. The age old wisdoms find a New Paradigm of Living that discovers the Self for living a life beyond stress, sufferings and problems.

He is self yogi, learned yoga in deep Himalaya since many years. A humble family, Born in 1980 in Panipat, his birth name was Satish Kumar. He has always been a guiding spirit. His father Shri Mauji Ram Sharma is very gentle person. His family was very religious, therefore giving him a chance to be near saints and spirituality since early days. Anantbodh Chaitanya has been a devotee of “Shakti” since he was young. An ordinary beginning in life, together with passion for understanding the root of everything lead to his development of interest in philosophy and spirituality.

Shri Anantbodh Chaitnya

Program-Manager, AlakhYog Goa

Swami Amit is a born healer; He was born in U.P., India where idol worships and religious sentiments are in the air. His family is very traditional whose roots are tied with ancient valuable cultural ethics. His birth in such a spiritual enriching environment groomed him inside-out. By nature, he is very calm and composed person who loves to spend time under sky, with Mother Nature. He is purely an earth’s child. Since his childhood, he was taught Indian religious values, Sanskrit Vedic scriptures, hawans, fasting etc. these customary beliefs and practices arouse a deep craving of knowing truth and attaining wisdom in him, since then he was inclined towards spirituality and meditation.

His father being a govt. official undergone many transfers at different places, this became an opportunity for him also to explore different parts of India and be acquainted with Mother Nature.

Meeting with spiritual masters reading spiritual and religious books spending self-time in nature was his only passion as a child. Swami Amit’s family is highly educated, and being an eldest one among all his brothers and sister, a lot of expectations were tied with his upbringing. He chose commerce during his graduation and successfully concluded his higher studies in Law.

Soon after he finished his degree in Law, he started working as a legal advisor and secretariat consultant in various Indian corporate houses where he served for 10years.

With the passing of time, his urge for self-awareness and self-sitting reached to the peak where he decided to leave worldly attachments; (which are not limited to his job and family), and went in Himalayas for silence retreats. Thereafter, his real journey purely as a sadhu, a Meditator started. He has undergone almost 10 years of silence and self-sitting, where he adapted various yogic breathing techniques. He realised that, the breathing techniques he discovered with his own experience, during his sadhna; are exceedingly essential in purifying and relaxing body-mind. He shared his breathing techniques with people during various Yogic camps held in India. He is famous amongst all age groups for his open-arms approach to people who is a friend, a philosopher, a guide to everyone in all walks of life. He is also among the founder members of AlakhYog. Swami Amit believes in the theory of ‘Life in a moment’ i.e. there is a complete life in every moment you spend, you only have to LIVE in that moment to cherish its totality and beauty.

His message in life to people is ‘’share as much as you can, for sharing is the only gift you can pass on to others, rest belongs to the nature and shall merge in nature someday.’’ Live as much as you can; as the moment once gone, it’s gone forever. There are no re-takes.’’

Amit, Program-Manager
AlakhYog Goa