Dr. Deepak is a complete energy package of AlakhYog

Dr. Deepak is a complete energy package of AlakhYog, he is master of Science in Yogic Science and holistic health. He also specialises his degree in Vendata, holistic health panchkarma and Yoga Psychotherapy. Since his childhood, he was a very playful, active and creative person towards life. His mantra for life is to live it to the fullest; vivaciously. As a lead teacher of yogic science he is organising health camps and fitness workshops around the nation and inspiring youth for healthy balanced diet and fit body. Dr. Deepak is a fitness-freak and shares his tricks and techniques of yog asanas with students to strengthen their muscles and attain perfect shaped toned body in no time! His sessions are full of activities in action.

Once the students are fit enough and briefed on fitness they are tested by him! His fitness yogic techniques relates to vinyasa ashtanga flow which keeps students charged up throughout the session. His approach towards life made him understand the importance of a combined relationship between our mind and body. He often shares his views and practical theories with his students, where he focuses on synchronicity between mind & body and how it works. Dr. Deepak’s huge experience and deep study on holistic science, body functioning helped him catch the thin line difference between what our mind commands and what our body demands; according to him everyone can lead a healthy lifeline once they have understood this difference. Many a times

it’s our mind which confuses its desires as bodily needs. Human mind is trapped in illusions since ages and until this cage is broken health and peace can’t be attained. He believes in encouraging and inspiring students towards positivity and healthy life-style. His teachings, seminars and lectures focus on bringing light on difference between mind illusions and body requirements. He often challenges his audience by his yogic techniques and influences them to be a part of this life changing experience by simply making a positive and healthy perspective towards health and life.

Dr. Deepak believes in the theory of ‘’eat healthy be happy; eat light become light in others life.’’ His message in life to people is; don’t live like a bubble, for people might just come and prick you; live like a flower which is so light yet powerful, so delicate yet complete that even after its life-span the fragrance remains.