Dr. Vandana is very happy-go-lucky cheerful person.

Dr. Vandana is very happy-go-lucky cheerful person. She is a very positive person in life and has immense knowledge in the field of ayurveda and naturopathy. She is an expert of Physical Therapy, posture, imbalance and sedentary life disorders.

She has an overall experience of more than 23 years in medical field. She served in para medical services for 15 years and has 8 yrs of experience in ayurveda and naturopathy.

Dr Vandana has a rich Ayurvedic heritage family background. Since her childhood she has been trained on chakra healing, yoga and meditation as a regular family tradition. With time, her passion to serve and heal others in life grew, and encouraged her to learn more about Ayurveda, stress management, naturopathy, and posture imbalance. She is a specialist of Spine care and massage. During her learning she realised importance of self healing, body care and meditation hence;

she started spreading message by opening a NGO named ‘’maitry dhara mission’’ under which thousands of medical camps are organised every year around the nation.

She also started giving workshops, lectures and seminars on Ayurveda, stress management, chakra healing, detoxification, yoga and various meditation techniques.

Dr Vandana grew up reading original Sanskrit versions of Ayurvedic texts as a part of their family ritual educational system. Her treasure of knowledge is based on traditional system of one teacher education using traditional Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts supplemented by wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated by her family over 3 centuries. Her study focuses on special care for spinal disorders and different postural misbalancing as she is a lead- master in spinal pain relief techniques. Dr Vandana’s simplest yet effective approach in life made her famous among youth and elderly people. Her enthusiasm in life encouraged her to start her own practice for spine care, ayurveda, naturopathy and other orthopaedic-disorders.

Dr. Vandana believes in the theory of ‘’the one who is fit in life, is the one who is hit in life.’’ Her message in life to people is ‘’eat healthy, stay healthy. A healthy mind leads to healthy healing body.’’