Dr. Vinit is one of our highly experienced facilitators at AlakhYog

Dr. Vinit is one of our highly experienced facilitators at AlakhYog who is 60 years old healthy man with an enormous experience and positive approach towards life.

By nature, he is simple living who believes in serving the mankind as much as possible. He has great proficiency and knowledge in the field of Yog and Naturopathy as it’s been more than 20 years now that he is successfully running his practice in two, to cure and bring up better life-style among people.

He started practicing Yog during his early days of childhood and further learnt more about it by officially going to the university and attaining a degree. At school level he studied Sanskrit which for him, worked as awareness and witness to vedic scriptures and other old Indian religious books.

His ancient approach inspired him to learn about planets and inclined his interest towards Astrology in his later life.

Today, people approach him for astrology, yog and naturopathy. Not only his advises as a doctor of naturopathy benefits people but his remedies as an astrologer has also led people live life more peacefully and happily.

Dr. Vinit believes in the theory of ‘Karma’ what goes around comes around; Keep your circle positive. His message in life to people is; ‘’keep doing, do not expect; as expectations shall come with her sisters of pain and consequences.’’