The Director of AlakhYog

Anantbodh Chaitanya’s passion for ancient wisdoms and modern science brought together one message for modern man – live, move and act in Self (Spiritual Excellence) and manifest personal, professional, as well as social excellence. His simple, logical, intuitive interpretation of ancient wisdoms supported by fundamental understanding of modern science is aimed at Health, Harmony and Happiness; Peace, Prosperity and Success. The age old wisdoms find a New Paradigm of Living that discovers the Self for living a life beyond stress, sufferings and problems.

He is self yogi, learned yoga in deep Himalaya since many years. A humble family, Born in 1980 in Panipat, his birth name was Satish Kumar. He has always been a guiding spirit. His father Shri Mauji Ram Sharma is very gentle person. His family was very religious, therefore giving him a chance to be near saints and spirituality since early days. Anantbodh Chaitanya has been a devotee of “Shakti” since he was young. An ordinary beginning in life, together with passion for understanding the root of everything lead to his development of interest in philosophy and spirituality.