This was significant for me

The teacher training course gave so much information on different aspects surrounding the practice of yoga. How all of the different elements (or ‘Limbs’ of yoga) are equally important and combine to achieve overall well-being. We learnt different practices for bringing the body and the mind together in a harmonious way. It was great to be there in a supportive environment and gain so much extra information that now I will be able to share in the future.
We practiced a variety of meditation techniques, pranayamas and asanas every day and all were explained well so we knew their impact on the body and mind, how to use and teach them effectively with variations for different abilities. The teachers know many other therapies and techniques they shared with us to help remove emotional blockages that you can use yourself afterwards. During the course, I think all of us experienced some physical and emotional cleansing.
This was significant for me and I left feeling much clearer and motivated to make beneficial changes in my lifestyle and outlook. The ashram is the perfect space to spend a month digesting and putting into practice all of the information and techniques taught. I loved the garden which is perfect for when you want to be quiet and introspective. It was also great to sit and study there, alone or in a group. I’m glad I took this time to be immersed in yoga. I feel confident with the theory and practices to incorporate them into teaching my own classes and deepen my personal practice……… KIM DAY