Athiti Devo Bhava.

Which means, “Our guests are like God to us” An immensely remarkable culture where guests are considered and treated as God. AlakhYog firmly believes in following thousand of years’ old Indian philosophy and seeing divinity in all human beings, which has already become a part of their life-style. Now, the focus is on sharing the same cultural values and humbleness with our students by teaching and training them in utmost friendly and caring environment with full support and care. We personally involves in giving full support to have the best Yogic training of students.

Traditional Approach

“Old is gold”, Just as tree’s strength remains in its root the most, likewise; our roots are our strength. We believe in a healthy and strengthened approach of training in all walks of life however our base is of traditional Indian approach. We understand that humanity is much evolved and modernized in present timeline but their inner being needs are still same and universal by nature as they were ever before. Hence; the therapies, discipline, patterns and knowledge is used as ever suggested by our Indian Ancestors but simultaneously, it is a beautiful blend of our own new experiences and understanding to make it best for enormous growth of our students..

Sattvik Environment

The more sattvik the environment is, more compatible it becomes for holistic well being and sustainability.
For balanced-living and a holistic approach towards life, the significance of ‘Sattvik Environment’ cannot be over-looked. We, at AlakhYog promises to give you a surrounding which is mindful, disciplined, and spiritual in living. It is very important to rightly choose your surroundings (specially for a sadhak) as physical elements like air, weather, pollution, unhygienic or congested living materials, emits frequencies that may affect us directly and block our spiritual growth gradually.
To nurture your compassion, contentment and selflessness, AlakhYog, welcomes you to the satvik environment for Yoga Teacher Training Course where together we all attain the state of blissfulness (Sat-Chitt-Anand).

Therapy For Removal of Emotional Blockages

Our Body, for easy understanding can be divided into Physical and Meta-Physical. Our eyes can only see physical realm but Meta physical realm is beyond the reach of eyes. Our thoughts and emotions are the part of Meta physical world.
We are expressed in this existence through our thoughts and emotions, which collectively take physical form and make what we are as a Human Body. Emotions are like the ground for thoughts. As per traditional approach, we can classify emotions into:-
Kama: Desires to fulfill or achieve something
Krodh: Anger due to non fulfillment/non achievement of something
Madd: Pride due to power and status
Moh: Attachment
Lobh: Greed

We live life and spend it thoroughly in circles around these emotions and each emotion workout into series of thousands of thoughts. This cluster of emotions and thoughts is collectively called ‘Mind’, a meta-physical realm of life.

Whatever happens through mind has results onto our body. We can further understand thoughts as light and hard thoughts. Joy, love, happiness, blissfulness, easiness are the results of lightness in thoughts and happens due to less gravity. While, in other case hard thoughts results into hatred, anger, anxiety, depression and dis-ease at physical and mental body.

Further, our Body-Mind collectively runs on a different energy layers. Deep cosmic energy which is Vital force/energy is like life line. This vital force is directly intake through breathing oxygen as PRANA, while caloric energy for our daily use of body like walking eating speaking and all other physical movements , is received from our daily food habits.

Human body can be divided into three functions, i.e.,

Tantrik, covers head and its related functioning majorly brain. It is more like technical system of the body. Creation of thoughts, ideas, emotions all mental work.

Mantrik, which is mechanical in nature covers from chest till belly button. Respiratory and digestive systems.

Yantrik, is regenerative/ reproductive system of the body and functions as the source of energy of the body. it is from belly button till feets.

Major part of this Vital force is consumed by tantric part and rest of the energy is used by rest of the body for its whole functioning. This Vital energy is the healing energy as well as immunity mother of life.

Tantrik system, continuously emits thoughts which are either expressed through our karmas or they remain and move inside the brain but these thoughts doesn’t stop at tantric system only, they start their journey from here and start searching place either for their further expression or for rest. As Mantrik system involved basically the respiratory and digestive systems and aren’t able to express thoughts hence, they move ahead. These negative thoughts when do not found any expression through speech or any other physical mode, are settled down inside the body. They rest in calves muscles at the lowest and instead at thighs, butts, heart, shoulders, back side. It’s like settlement of mud in a glass of water, as mud goes till last and rest at the end of the glass, same way, negative emotions goes deep down.

Wherever these emotions are stucked, they create blockages at those parts and finally results into related dis-function or disease of the organ/system. These blockages results into constipation and directly affects first on our digestive system and respiratory system. Constipation is the most common early state of damage at tantric level which enhances due to increase in acid inside. This acidic effect in body further increases all negative strengths like anger, anxiety etc. Further, due to improper digestion body becomes weak and unhealthy.

Spine and all nervous strains are due to such blockages. In layman’s language all cause of restlessness and dis-ease of body mind are these blockages of thoughts and emotions.

Good news is we can remove these blockages from the body through different therapies and processes. Here at AlakhYog, we extensively focus on teaching the removal of these blockages. AlakhYog has this specialty of teaching these therapies in our YTT courses to our students in addition to other yogic education.

Sadhana of Ownership

In today’s era, we are highly equipped with technology and it has become very easy to come up with a question and look for an answer on ‘Google’ or read any available material like books journals etc. instead of looking for an answer within. Extensive information is available for thousands of seekers and as a ‘human-mind’, in the name of spiritual practices, they tend to manifest their own imaginations, make ideologies about the term ‘spiritualism’. People become trapped in their own thoughts and imaginations, Hence, the illusions come and the real message remains blurred Spiritualism is not an ‘ism’ to follow with, rather it’s an understanding of life which comes every moment by living with the self and remembering our connection with the mother nature. Somehow, we have forgotten that we are not separate from this existence and one with it. A Sadhak becomes a follower of others’ thoughts and imaginations instead of looking within and taking responsibility of his own actions and understanding. AlakhYog believes in individuality of a seeker in all walks of life including in his spiritual journey. AlakhYog is providing an opportunity for seekers of truth to live and grow deeper with self. Come hug your life by attending 10, 20 or 40 days silence retreat in Manali. Spend enough time and space with yourself and BE A LIFE with nature, walk in the mountains, swim in the river and play with soil in the fields.

Naturapathy is a Indian ancient technique which helps in the detoxification and cleansing of the body which leads to the elimination of various diseases in the body .Naturopathy works with the help of Five elements: Air, water,fire, space and Earth.

In our yoga TTC programe we give basic knowledge of naturopathy I.e how to clean our body.

  1. Cleansing through Breath(Air): How a breath helps to cure an individual physical, mental, emotional and economical issues of life. Here we also teach how one change the various physical and mental patterns with breath.
  2. Cleansing through water: Water plays a significant role in our life, as we all know that our whole body is comprised of 70% of water.Here we teach how water helps in balancing our life .Our body has two things one is Acid and other is alkaline, and it is very essential to main rain balance of acid and alkaline in body ,so how just by drinking of right amount water we can balance our physical ,emotional,mental body.water therapy techniques are also taught which helps in curing various diseases from body.
  3. Cleansing with Mud(Earth): How we use Mud for therapy is being taught over here .
  4. Cleansing through Fasting (Space): Fasting plays a significant role in the detoxification of our body and how flow energy works during fasting in our body is also explained here.
  5. Cleansing through Fire: Fasting and heat therapy goes hand in hand and how it works is explained in yoga TTC.

Emotional blockage treatment:

Each n every individual goes through various kinds of emotions. Emotions are basically our way of expression it may be either positive also and negative also, As we can say that our body is like bottle of water when we put some heavy thing into water it goes and settle down, in the same what every negative thoughts or holding we have ,we can say in the form of Anger, anxiety,depression etc get deposited in our calf muscles in the lower leg and take the form of knots and n future it starts creating various problems in our spine and when we cross age of approx 30 it starts coming out in the form of mental , physical or emotional diseases as our vital force becomes low. So,how we can clean our body by doing treatment of knots which are being created at in our calf muscles and various parts of our body is being explained with the practical aspect in TTC.