Yoga Teacher Training Dates

Upcoming Dates for Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Rishikesh

Date Location Price
3 May to 28 May 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro
3 June to 28 June 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro
3 July to 28 July 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro
3 August to 28 August 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro
3 September to 28 September 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro
3 October to 28 October 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro
3 November to 28 November 2018 Rishikesh 1200 Euro

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa

Date Location Price
03 Dec.-28 Dec. 2018 Goa 1400 Euro
08 Jan.-02 Feb. 2019 Goa 1400 Euro
05 Feb. -02 Mar 2019 Goa 1400 Euro

Your Course Fees Includes

• Private Accommodation: Individual room with attached bathroom .
• Three time Vegetarian Sattvik Meals during your complete stay at Campus (Monday to Saturday. Sunday meals on prior notice without any additional charges)
• Tuition fees of Complete TTC 200 hours
• A Reference Book for Yoga-asana
• AlakhYog T-Shirt (Same can be worn on opening and closing ceremony)
• Jal Neti Pot, Sutra Neti, Tissue rolls, Incense Sticks
• Enema Box

Basic Terms and Conditions

1. To confirm your spot, student must pay a deposit of 400 EUR  for securing his/her place in desired course. This deposit is non-refundable in nature. Rest of the course amount shall be paid to AlakhYog on or before the first day of your arrival for the course.

2. If for some medical or personal emergency, the student has to cancel their participation, then they can postpone their participate at a future date only once with next one year. We will also charge 100 EUR for Cancellation.

3. Karma Yoga is a part of given program and a learning during training. Hence, students shall give their services to maintain a healthy, clean and peaceful environment.

4. Students are expected to be prepared for hard and intensive work during the course. Students must abstain themselves from intoxicants and maintain a high sense of cleaning in and around the stay. Sitting with self and resting in peace is desired during the course to get the best healing results for body-mind. If we find anyone indulging in drugs, the student will be asked to leave the course without any refund.

5. Bringing outside food is prohibited.

6. During the course, it is recommended to use less of mobile, laptop or internet activity including reading of novels etc. We, however, recommend you to read only books related to your course on yoga, Nature cure & meditation etc.

7. AlakhYog Management reserves the right to make any change(s) in dates/schedules of the tentative programmes, without any prior notice.

8. Decision by AlakhYog Management on any issue/question/dispute regarding your teacher training course programs, shall be binding and final.

9. The course fees does not include your Yoga Alliance Registration fees.