200 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training In India

The Alakhyog ashram provides the most complete yoga teacher training for those who choose to pursue yoga and meditation as a career or as a way of life. As a fundamental introduction to the world of yoga and meditation, this 200 Hour yoga therapy teacher training allows students to build abilities that will assist them in learning about more advanced kinds of yoga therapy in the future. Choosing a 200 Hour yoga teacher training allows a student to practice yoga, which is located in the heart of the Himalayas and renowned for the crispness and purity of the air and water it contains.

Through the provision of comprehensive yoga teacher training in India, Alakhyog Ashram has paved the way for students from India and around the world to come together and learn about the ancient methods of Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Hatha yoga from renowned yoga masters who are well-versed in the techniques and benefits associated with various types of yoga asana. Students of yoga in India can also learn about yoga philosophy and the best ways to implement the lessons they have learned into their daily lives while at the centre of the universe. As a result, it can be argued that the yoga training program can be a life-changing experience for all yoga students who participate in it.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh & Goa – Therapy Benefits

One may anticipate that the yoga craft, in conjunction with our wonderfully curated program, will provide learners with an understanding of yogic thinking within a sensible and extremely well-organized structure. It provides the opportunity for you to experience bodily and mental relaxation as well as to appreciate the value of having an iota of smoothness and personal space in your way of life. The final word, to put it simply, transports you from your everyday world to an otherworldly realm where you can experience amiability and peace.

The thorough course will familiarise you with the principles of Yoga and its history, as well as help you strengthen and master yoga asanas and their impact on the body’s systems. As you practice pranayama and meditation on a daily basis, you’ll observe how they work together to reinforce and alter your recitation. They will also teach you about yogic control, food, and purification rites, and they will show you how to set yourself up for success as a fair yoga instructor.

Coming to other significant benefits, we have the following that helps you learn the true essence of life.

  • These 200 hours are those priceless hours when you may devote your entire attention and energy to improving your quality of life through traditional yogic techniques. 
  • Each minute you spend during this time period will serve as a stepping stone in raising the level of your life to greater heights. 
  • This training will assist you in purifying yourself in order to become an enlightened human being by following the Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi principles of living.
  • You will strengthen your body both inside and outside through the practice of Asanas and Pranayama, and you will improve your mental health through the practice of Meditation and Philosophy. 
  • Yogic Cleaning, also known as Shat Kriyas, is a technique for eliminating toxins from the body.
  • During this 200-hour portion of your yoga journey, you will not just prepare your body through yoga asana and pranayama practice, but also strengthen your mind through yoga philosophy and philosophy of yoga. 
  • You will utilize yogic washing to cleanse your physical body, and you will also use meditation to cleanse your mental body.

Overview – 200 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Goa & Rishikesh

Dhauti Practice is the heart of an instructional program or course about yoga in India. So at Alakhyog, we choose the issues after extensive investigation, which is vital for every Yoga Practitioner. These disciplines educate students to be great yoga teachers or human beings. The main subjects are:

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga asana practice is primarily based on the traditions of Sivananda Yoga and Satyananda Yoga, with some influences from other schools of thought. You will learn how to conduct the Asana practice in two different ways:

Asana is dynamic in nature to loosen up the joints.

Asanas are performed in a static position to strengthen the body.

AshtangaVinyasa: The body, mind, and breath are all synchronized to a single rhythm in this dynamic type of practice.

The majority of the asanas in Ashtanga Vinyasa’s first series are forward-bending postures that target the digestive system directly. As a result, it serves as a restorative yoga series for the entire body.

Pranayama (Breath Practice): Pranayama is an ancient practice of yoga in India that dates back over 4000 years. It is mentioned in many Yoga texts. It is a difficult subject to grasp; adequate instruction is required to acquire and comprehend these ancient skills.

Teachers will demonstrate some unique breathing methods that aid in the purification of the pranic body throughout this exercise.

Shatkarma (Yogic Cleansing): This Yogic and Spiritual practice is divided into three parts, the first of which is body purification.

These purifying techniques (shatkarma) are carried out in the presence of professional yoga teachers, ensuring that each student receives correct instruction and care.

Yogic Anatomy: Knowing your body well allows you to get the most out of yoga’s motions by understanding how to do them correctly. This will turn any practitioner of yoga school in India into an excellent yoga instructor. Students learn the proper movements and methods of yoga posture as well as other processes such as breathing during Pranayama practice in the yoga anatomy program.


Our 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and Goa provides a tremendous physical, mental, and spiritual shift. It is once in a lifetime opportunity to thoroughly immerse yourself in the art of Yoga therapy.

As a student, you will learn how to particularise the Asana practice to your spiritual and physical needs, while as a mentor, you will learn how to share this yogic experience in a way that is true, directional, and clear. Sessions like the immensely popular 300-hour yoga teacher training and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India are result oriented and help in complete personal transformation.

Ask any yoga aspirant from anywhere in the world if he wants to lose out on the opportunity to learn yoga in India when it comes to location. Indeed, it is the place where spirituality can be felt in the breeze from the Ganga, and breathtaking Himalayan views may be appreciated, which aid in the understanding of one’s own inner consciousness.

Also, our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and Rishikesh is most desired by aspirants as it includes instruction in all elements of existence (body-breath-mind-heart-soul). This program includes everything, including asana, pranayama, Vedanta, traditional and modern meditation, and approaches for personal growth and development. And that, too, is taught by yogis who are well-trained in their fields.