200 Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training in India – Yoga With A Difference

Acro Yoga has taken the practice of yoga in India to new heights. Compared to most other traditional yoga practices, this sequence is more physically demanding. Alakh Yog School has come up with a unique combination of yoga, couple acrobatics, and healing arts in its 200 Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and Goa, a learning adventure for beginners to intermediates. 

Why Choose Alakh Yog? 

Our wide range of instructors, from the very experienced to the novice, lead you through your daily training, therapeutics, yoga, and meditation practice and ensure that it is both interesting and deep. Also, our multi-style yoga training, detox retreats, wellness sessions, and our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India are gaining popularity on a global level. Situated amidst mountains and valleys, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, Alakhyog’s Schools (Rishikesh & Goa) provide an ideal environment in which to be alone with one’s thoughts.

What Is Acro Yoga And What Makes It Unique?

Acro Yoga, often known as flying yoga, mixes yoga and acrobatics. But you don’t have to be a gymnast or acrobat to do it. Great teamwork is required. One person will be the basis, supporting another who will move around. Strength, balance, and flexibility are improved. 

Acro Yoga is a term used to describe physical disciplines that include acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage, among other things. Acro yoga, which has been practiced since the early 1900s, is a combination of acrobatics and yoga in which one can study yoga while having fun. Due to the fact that it is considerably more cogent than the standard kind of yoga, this style of yoga may occasionally result in injury.

Traditionally, Acro Yoga has been considered a method of gaining mental and physical benefits as well as health benefits while enjoying yogic practices. In addition to bringing the body, mind, and soul together in the basic yoga form, this style of yoga brings flexibility and stability to the practitioner. When practicing Acro Yoga, the partner’s balance can be used to improve attention, while massage can be used to alleviate stress.

Possibly on the internet or in a magazine, you came across a photograph of two yogis who were simultaneously balancing on each other’s shoulders. Perhaps many of you will become perplexed regarding their yogic postures and whether or not this is considered to be a part of Yoga at that point. Acro Yoga is the name given to this particular kind of yoga. Acro Yoga not only provides the learner with the benefits of yoga, but it also allows them to get the correct flexibility in their bodies.

Acro Yoga necessitates the practice of flexibility training, strength training, and technique training, which is a significant distinction between Acro Yoga and the other basic yoga forms. It is made up of numerous aspects, including Acrobatics and Acrobatic Flying as well as Yoga, Therapeutics, and Pops. It is also known as Acro Yoga or Acro Yoga.

200 Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh & Goa – A Typical Session 

A typical Acro Yoga session at Alakh Yog comprises the following activities.

  • A circular ritual that encourages openness and dialogue between participants.
  • Prepare your muscles for the strenuous activities that lie ahead.
  • Asanas (yoga postures) are prepared by stretching with your yoga partner.
  • The development of trust between the partners during the course of an inversion.
  • Acrobatics and flying are two of the most popular aspects of Acro Yoga.

The above-mentioned session activities fulfill the primary roles of Acro Yoga which are:

Base – The person with the maximum points of contact with the ground is the base. A person is lying on the ground with his back touching the ground, and both hands and legs are used for support and stability of the flyer in this posture. The feet (typically placed on the flyer’s lower abdomen, hips, and groyne) and hands are the major points of contact for this individual with the flyer.

Flyer – The person in the flyer position is lifted off the ground by the base. The flyer will normally budge to a succession of different dynamic postures, with gravity taking care of the rest. To perform the exercise well, the Flyer must have appropriate core strength, balance, and confidence.

Spotter – The spotter is the person in charge of ensuring the safe landing of the flyers in the event that either of them slips. His job includes keeping a close eye on the flyer and making suggestions to the base of the flyer on how to enhance its form.

Popular Pose of Acro Yoga – Must Learn, Must Try

Remember to switch roles after each posture so that everyone gets a chance to attempt basing, flying, and spotting. Once the warm-up is complete with the reverse hand-to-handgrip and push-ups, you can try the following 2 famous poses:

1. Front Plank: 


Base: Lie on your back, heels over your hips.

Flyer: Face your base with toes towards their glutes.

Base: Assist the flyer by bringing your feet to their hip bones, and bending your knees slightly to contact.


Flyer: Elin your base’s feet, lean forward, maintaining your shoulders and heels aligned.

Base: Straighten your legs and stack your heels directly over your hips, keeping your knees slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight.

Spotter: Approach the flyer’s hips. Assist the base in keeping their heels directly over their hips for maximum balance.

Flyer: Engage your core and let the base elevate you.

Base: Straight arms, shoulder blades anchored into the mat, hands directly over shoulders.

Flyer: Lift your toes and push onto the hand connection. Hold for 5–10 breaths.

Come Down

Bring the flyer’s feet down by bending your legs.

2. Boat Pose 


Flyer: Begin with the Back Bird. Curl up by contracting your abs and drawing your inner legs together. Slowly elevate into the Boat version that feels most natural to you and breathe for 7 breath cycles.

Spotter: Make sure everyone is safe by instructing the base to stack their heels over their hips. Stand in Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana) with your hands facing up, as if carrying a plate, with one hand under the flyer’s lower back and the other hand under their upper thigh.

Get Down

Return to Back Bird is the title of the flyer. Clasp the ankles of the base.

Base: Bring the flyer’s feet back to the floor by bending the knees.

Wind Up – 200 Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training in Goa & Rishikesh

The 200 Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and Rishikesh is extremely beneficial for yoga students of all levels and is open to anyone who wishes to advance their career as a Yoga teacher or expand their knowledge of Yoga in India.

Alakh Yog School is certified by the Yoga Alliance, USA, and Yoga Alliance International to offer the immensely popular 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India besides its yoga detox retreat programs and meditation technique training.