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Within a decade, Alakhyog has graduated more than 1,200 successful yoga teacher trainees from all over the world at our training centres in India, including several aspirants from the United States and the United Kingdom.

With international accreditation from Yoga Alliance U.S, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, the World Yoga Council, and the International Yogic Federation, our world-renowned 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India Course (TTC) takes place over the period of one month. Aspirants graduating are eligible to become RYTs (Registered Yoga Teachers) at the 200-hour level, allowing them to teach across the globe.

About Alakhyog’s Yoga School in India

We provide a thorough, theoretical and practical hands-on training course designed to deepen their practitioners’ own practice and raise them from the status of student to teacher. Students graduate from our TTC as confident instructors who have developed a strong and robust teaching skill set that will prepare them for the beginning of their teaching careers. Additionally, trainees get a complete understanding of the practice of yoga asanas, philosophy, anatomy, ayurvedic principles and practices, mudras, pranayama and meditation as well as other ancient and current Yoga techniques in addition to developing the art of teaching yoga.

“Thank you so much, Alakhyog! It was absolutely a once in a lifetime experience, and I am grateful. I’ve returned to New York and am keen on lessons. It’s a blast. We enjoyed the historic atmosphere. I’ll be back for my 500 hours and an internship one day! “I need more of Alakhyog!” Patricia Brown (Gracy) US

Upon completion of your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India with Alakhyog, we feel that the most important quality for a student should be the ability to teach a professional class with high-quality abilities. Due to the outcomes-oriented nature of our curriculum, our training courses are intensive, and we urge those who have a clear aim of becoming instructors or improving their practice to participate in our training courses. Our programme incorporates a large number of teaching hours, practicums, and teacher-oriented lectures to guarantee that trainees graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to begin their careers as soon as they return home and to maintain a disciplined practice after they graduate.

Why Alakhyog For 200 Hour YTTC Course?

We combine traditional Eastern teachings from Indian experts in the fields of yoga practices and Ayurveda with teachings from highly experienced and specialist Western teachers in the fields of philosophy, anatomy and physiology, sequences, and other subjects that are complementary to becoming a well-rounded yoga instructor. We believe that this combination of experiences provides our students with the chance to learn in an authentic, traditional Yoga context while also developing the skills necessary to convey these teachings in a practical and relevant manner in a global yoga setting.

“A month of brightness, affection, happiness, and evolution was the Teacher Training Course. The experience was both challenging (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) and nurturing. A complete and dynamic practice was encouraged by teachers with a wealth of experience and study within the vast heritage of yoga.”

William Jones, (Will) Texas

Transforming Into A Teacher

With our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training India, we offer students the fundamental building blocks they need to teach with confidence and ease right away after they complete their training programme. Through our programme delivery experience over the past ten years, we’ve perfected a technique of progressive learning practices that have been tried and tested. This is reflected in our international graduates, who are well-known and successful graduate teachers in their respective fields.

With skilled lecturers and teachers allocated to each theory subject, our training is unmatched, with famous international teacher Yogacharya instructing students in the area of asana, alignment and adjusting and aiding them in strengthening their personal practice. Instead of having one or two teachers covering the full curriculum, our Yoga School understands the importance of having numerous teachers who are focused on a single subject. Students also gain immensely from our training and from our ten years of expertise in developing outstanding teachers.

Because of our unique outcome-based, progressive learning strategy, we have an incredibly high post-course graduate teaching rate as a result of our course completion. Trainees begin teaching in a secure and supervised environment as early as the first week of training, allowing them to gain complete confidence over the month and find their own unique teaching voice early on. Under tight supervision, trainees begin teaching their peers during their first week, progressing to instructing small groups by week two, larger groups by week three, and finally the entire class by week four under the supervision of a mentor. This strategy, which includes theoretical immersion, extensive feedback and mentoring, has resulted in trainees with varying levels of confidence blossoming into confident yoga instructors.

Our Curriculum Composition

Developed from the Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Standards, our curriculum has been formed by our years of training teachers and has evolved as a result of that experience. The following are some of the topics covered in our curriculum:

  • Identification of typical misalignments in asanas, as well as training and practice in Bandhas, Pranayama, Kriyas, chanting, and meditation, are all covered.
  • The Yoga Sutras, as well as the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga and Raja Yoga, are the foundation of yoga philosophy.
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology, including chakras, mudras, and nadis, as well as the health advantages of yoga are covered.
  • Yoga Teachers Should Follow a Code of Ethics
  • Yoga as a Way of Life
  • Yoga Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Introduction to the science of Ayurveda
  • Teaching methodology, which includes sequencing, modifying, teaching standards, as well as instructor and learner styles, is discussed in detail.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Class Management & Schedule

The Eight Limbs of Yoga Philosophy taught by Patanjali are studied in conjunction with the journey to becoming a yoga teacher, with an emphasis on how they might be incorporated into one’s personal practice and day-to-day living. Chanting, meditation, and pranayama are practised on a daily basis to provide spiritual structure and complement the more physically demanding aspects of the programme.

Upcoming Dates For 200 Hour Yoga Training Course

Starting from 1150 EUR | 24 Days | Rishikesh, India
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Month Period Course Fees Action
September 2022 3rd September – 26th September Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
October 2022 3rd October – 26th October Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
November 2022 3rd November – 26th November Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
December 2022 3rd December – 26th December Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
January 2023 3rd January – 26th January Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
February 2023 3rd February – 26th February Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
March 2023 3rd March – 26th March Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
April 2023 3rd April – 26th April Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
May 2023 3rd May – 26th May Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
June 2023 3rd June – 26th June Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
July 2023 3rd July – 26th July Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
August 2023 3rd August – 26th August Starts From 1150 EUR Apply Now
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Prerequisites For 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

To apply for the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training In India at Alakhyog, one should have an open mind, a dedication to learning, and a desire to become a deserving yoga teacher. Applicants with a newly developed practice are encouraged to apply for our training programme as long as they can demonstrate a high level of self-discipline throughout the course. The course is physically, psychologically, and spiritually challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding. While students will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the programme, this should not be the primary reason for participating in the course. While aspiring to be a professional yoga teachers, trainees should have a strong desire to deepen their personal practice and immerse themselves completely in the path of Yoga. Our course is a bit complex in nature, and trainees are supported by a carefully structured curriculum as well as a team of lecturers and staff who are both experienced and knowledgeable.


 1.JalaNeti 5.Kapalabhati
 2.Sutra Neti 6.Aganisara
 3.Dhauti (Vamana) 7.Trataka
 4.Nauli 8.Uddiyana


  1. Pranava Japa    2. Svasti Mantra    3. Gayatri Mantra

What does the course cover?

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed to cover every aspect in order to turn you from a complete beginner into a great Yoga teacher. Although it is not possible to cover the entire syllabus we have given a few pointers for your reference:

  • Enthusiastic Blockage Treatment
  • Self-Healing Through Five (5) Elements
  • Yoga Nidra and Relaxation Techniques
  • Yogic Breathing Techniques
  • Asana Practice
  • Pranayama
  • Philosophy
  • Meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Teaching Method and Practice
  • Shatkarma and its six Purification procedures
  • Seven Chakras and energy healing
  • Kriya Yoga

Accommodation For 200 Hour YTTC Course

Accommodation OptionPrice
Twin Sharing Room1150 EUR
Private Room with attached Toilet1350 EUR

Note :

  • A room with air conditioning costs an extra 100 EUR.
  • A 300€ booking fee is required to confirm your reservation.
  • Accommodation will be assigned one day prior to the course’s start.
  • Tuition, a manual, lodging, and food are all included.
  • Airport transportation and extra days of lodging are not included.


Shared Accommodation

This includes both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned dorm rooms, and triple or twin shared accommodations. For a dorm room or triple sharing room to be available, three students must agree to share it with each other. A western toilet and a hot shower are located outside the room.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodations are provided in both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned. Rooms are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The rooms have both attached and separate western toilets and hot showers. A fan is provided in rooms without air-conditioning.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Daily Schedule

Start Time End Time Class Name
6:30 am 7:30 am Shatkarma And Kriyas
7:30 am 9:30 am Pranayama And Morning Asana Practice
9:30 am 10:30 am Naturopathy Treatment
10:30 am 11:30 am Breakfast
11:30 am 01:00 pm Yoga Philosophy or Anatomy Class
01:00 pm 03:00 pm Lunch and Rest
03:00 pm 04:00 pm Yoga Alignment
04:00 pm 04:30 pm Tea Break
04:00 pm 06:00 pm Evening Asana Practice
06:30 pm 07:30 pm Meditation /Yoga Nidra/ Self-Study
08:00 pm 09:00 pm Dinner


As you progress through our curriculum, you will learn the important aspects that will allow you to deepen and enrich your personal yoga practice, as well as instruct students with confidence. Teaching with ease and confidence is something that our skilled team of teachers will teach you from the beginning stages of class leadership. Contact us for more details. Have a yogic day ahead!

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