How to Become a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher

The Yoga Alliance is a nonprofit organization that creates standards for yoga training and certifies teachers who meet their criteria. If you’re looking to become an accredited teacher, this article will give you everything you need to know about becoming certified.

Why do You Want to Be a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher?

There are many benefits to being a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. However, the most important benefit is that you can create and share your yoga teachings with the world. 

As a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, you can also help build a healthy community by teaching yoga to people of all ages and abilities. You can also use your certification to find employment in related fields, such as health education or yoga therapy.

To become a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, you must complete rigorous training and exams. The training program provides the knowledge and skills to teach safe and effective yoga classes. The exams measure your knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, history, and yoga practice. If you are interested in becoming a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, we recommend joining Alakh Yog, the best yoga school in India

If you are already an experienced yoga teacher, you may want to consider taking the next step and becoming a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. Becoming certified will give your teaching skills credibility and allow you to share your knowledge with even more people.

The Course Offers Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Alliance offers a course that will certify yoga teachers. The program, available in multiple formats, is designed for beginners and experienced yoga teachers. There are three levels of certification: 100 Hour YTTC, 200 Hour YTTC, and Advanced YTTC programs. 

The 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification is for those who have never taught yoga before and want to begin teaching classes. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification is for those who have experience teaching yoga classes and want to deepen their knowledge and skills. Finally, the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certification is for those who have been teaching yoga for a long time and want to improve their skills and knowledge even further. 

The Alakh Yog offers a series of YTTC modules that can be completed to gain the 100 Hour YTTC certification. The modules cover topics such as beginner’s guide to poses, basic principles of hatha yoga, creating dynamic sequences, preparing for class, creating accessible classes for students with disabilities, and more. 

To gain the 200 Hour YTTC certification, students must complete eight online modules. These modules cover topics such as deepening your understanding of asana practice, introducing more challenging poses, incorporating meditation into your class repertoire, creating holistic sequences, preparing students for advanced practices, and leading groups of students.

Requirements for the Courses

To become a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (YACTS), you must complete the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. The course consists of 200 hours of instruction and covers the following topics: 

1. History of yoga and its origins

2. The anatomy and physiology of yoga

3. The practice of asanas (postures)

4. Advanced poses for practitioners who are ready for more challenge

5. Meditation and mantra practice

6. Teaching methods and student supervision

7. Research in yoga teaching

8. Ethics in teaching yoga

9. Professional development opportunities

To be eligible to teach YACTS-certified classes, you should have a minimum of two years of full-time teaching experience or five years of teaching experience with at least two years in a YACTS-approved program. You should also have a current state or national teaching credential recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Courses Options

If you are looking to become a certified yoga teacher, there are a few different options that you can take. The Alliance offers three courses that will certify you as a yoga teacher: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. 

Yoga Alliance certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the field of yoga. Certification also opens up many opportunities for career growth. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher, check out the Alliance courses!

Where to Find Jobs After the Certification Program?

As a certified yoga teacher, you have the skills and knowledge to share your love of yoga with others. However, you’ll need to find a job before you can start teaching. Here are some tips for finding a yoga teaching job after completing the certification program.

1. Check local newspapers or online job boards. Yoga teachers often post their resumes and availability on job boards. You can also contact yoga studios in your area and inquire about hiring opportunities.

2. Consider teaching private classes. This is an excellent way to build your reputation and network as a yoga teacher before seeking full-time employment. Plus, it’s great money if you can land consistently high-volume classes.

3. Teach at a nonprofit organization. Many nonprofits are interested in adding yoga programming to their wellness offerings, and they’re always in need of new instructors. Also, ask your local communities to see if any offer training programs for new volunteers/teachers.

4. Join a Yoga Alliance teacher training program. The Alliance offers several teacher training programs that cover all the basics of starting and running a yoga studio: from marketing and bookkeeping to class


If you’re interested in becoming a yoga alliance certified teacher, the first step is becoming a certified teacher. The Yoga Alliance offers certification programs for teachers of all levels, with many benefits to holding certification. Certification can help you build your reputation as a professional yoga teacher and give you access to unique teaching opportunities. If becoming a certified teacher sounds like something you would be interested in, then the Yoga Alliance is worth investigating.

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